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Sanjay Choudhary is a Legal Financial Advisor who is associated with Koda Financial Consultancy. Koda Financial Consultancy is a popular name when it comes to providing legal advice and consultation about the money laundering offences and other financial cases which needs the expertise in Finance as well as Technology. Sanjay Choudhary has a lot of experience in dealing with cases around the financial laws and the money laundering laws which makes him one of the best in the field. He is presently based out in Dubai but he provides services for Indian Clients as well. There are many reputed organizations which avail services from Sanjay Choudhary.

The services offered by Sanjay Choudhary and Koda Financial Consultancy include:

  • Dealing with the money laundering cases in lower as well as higher courts.
  • Dealing with fraud cases and also helping the clients in dealing with the case of breach of the agreement and other liability acts.
  • Helping the clients and organizations in formulating policies and contracts which also ensures that they are compliant with the money laundering laws of the country that they are doing business in.
  • Providing investigative services and addressing the case for financial frauds.
  • Helping with the loan documentation and the documentation of other types which are required in day to day transactions.

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